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Door Stop - Little Penda Taupe

Door Stop - Little Penda Taupe

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Functional and good looking, these door stops can be used to hold a door open (obviously!) but also behind a door to protect the wall when the door is inadvertently flung open by kids, dogs or the wind!

They are made from printed cotton canvas fabric and lined with a quilted fabric consisting of a layer of cotton, a layer of wadding and a layer of knitted polyester mesh. This fabric provides light padding so the filling doesn't poke through, plus the layers and tiny stitches it is sewn with means any dust from the filling doesn't escape. The door stopper has a small handle at the top to help carry it. It closes with an invisible zipper at the base so it can be emptied to wash if it gets dusty.

Door stops are filled with fine pebbles. These are the heaviest filling (aside from sand which is messy!) and unlike grains which many other makers use, won't attract critters or mould! They weigh just over 2.8kgs, making them pretty hefty!

Warning: this item contains small pieces (3-5mm pebbles) which could be a choking hazard for children. If you have little ones, please leave a note at checkout for me to cut the zipper pull off so that they are not able to open it to access the pebbles. The zippers have a locking mechanism that means they can't be opened without a zipper pull. In the event that you wish to empty the stopper to wash it later, you can temporarily slip a safety pin through the zipper head to slide it open and closed.

Measurements (approx):
18cm high
14cm wide/deep


Print placement may vary. Listing is for door stop only, other products and accessories in photos are for sale separately or for display purposes only.

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