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Designed to be as streamlined and contoured as possible with minimal bulk, these sleek fabric masks fit snugly but still allow you to speak normally and not feel totally suffocated. These masks have been designed to fit further under your chin/jaw than many others currently available, to give both a better "seal" and to hold them in place while you talk and move about, meaning that you will not need to constantly adjust/reposition them and therefore will touch them far less with your hands. A great fit also means you are more likely to wear it and wear it for longer.

This is my own pattern and I spent a full week testing materials and fit on a range of face sizes and shapes before releasing this product. I've given special attention to the nose wire so that those who wear glasses will find minimal to no fogging! I had to put my glasses in the fridge to get them to fog up once I put my mask on and even then it was very minimal!

These masks are made of 3 layers:
  • Outer: woven cotton or cotton/linen blend.
  • Middle: very tightly knit polyester microsuede
  • Inner: polycotton.
They have a heavy duty nose wire to help create a snug fit. This is especially useful and important for those who wear glasses to minimise fogging.
The masks have elastic ear loops to hold them in place. The elastic is looped through channels on the sides of the mask rather than sewn in so can easily be tightened to fit you perfectly or switched out if it wears out or you prefer a different type: a head strap; ties instead of elastic etc. Please be sure to adjust the length of the elastic to give a comfortable but snug fit. It is intentionally a little long to start with, to account for different face sizes. The adjustment of BOTH the ear loop length and the nose wire are imperative to a good comfortable fit so play around with both til it feels right to you. I suggest you adjust the nose wire first, then the ear loops. Instructions to adjust ear loops are below.
Size guide: This is a guide only - face shapes and sizes vary quite a bit. I recommend following the advice below and measuring yourself and then comparing to the chart.
  • Small: 17cm vertical measurement. Teens and petite women or women with finer features 
  • Medium: 19cm vertical measurement. most women with average sized faces. Some men with smaller faces/finer features
  • Large: 21.5cm vertical measurement. women with more prominent features/larger faces and most men.
To measure:
Check the photos for a measuring diagram and chart. The crucial measurement is the vertical measurement. The horizontal measurement can be adjusted with the ear loop length.
  1. Take a soft tape measure or a piece of string/ribbon/strip of paper.
  2. Open your mouth around 2/3 - about how far you open it when you are speaking normally but not all the way like when you're yawning.*
  3. Measure (loosely) straight down from the top of the bridge of your nose (right between your eyes), over your nose and open mouth, down around your chin and underneath to the mid point between the point of your chin and your throat.
  4. If you used string/ribbon/paper, measure this against a ruler. It doesnt hurt to repeat the process to double check your measurements.
  5. Check this measurement against the size chart and order from there. 
Thoughts from my testers:

"My sisters and I have numerous Needle vs Thread messenger bags, zip-its, utility bags, storage pods, pouches… okay we are obsessed – but that’s because the quality and design are always so good we can’t resist. The face mask is no different! I bought a few cloth masks from other makers in May but they don’t come close. My Needle vs Thread face mask is comfortable, easy to adjust, well made and I feel safe wearing it – have just washed it and it’s drying out in the sun ready for my next visit to the shops." - Merry

"This is the most comfortable mask I have worn. It contours beautifully to my face, with snug coverage around my chin and a secure nose wire that prevents my glasses from fogging. The ear elastic does not cause pressure or discomfort and the fabric is just lovely. Painstakingly engineered, I’m grateful to Kirrily for providing such a high-quality product." - Cathy

"So happy with my mask! It doesn’t fog up my glasses, is beautifully made with gorgeous fabric choices available. You can see a lot of care and thought went into the structure and design. Only problem is people keep stopping me to ask where I got it." - Lara


Additional info:

To shorten ear loops: Slide the knot out of the channel on the side of the mask (repeat on both sides). Put the mask on and pinch the elastic behind your ears til it fits right, then keep holding it and take the mask off and tie a new loose knot where you've pinched. Dont snip any excess/the original knot off until you are sure you have adjusted correctly! Wear it around for a little while to be sure and once you're happy with the fit, tighten the knot, snip the excess off around 5-10mm from the knot and then slide the knot back into the channel.

Washing: Hand or machine wash ‐ cold or warm (max 60degC). Dryer safe. Iron on cotton setting but beware of melting the elastic. It is recommended to hand wash or machine wash in a lingerie bag and hang to dry to extend the life of the mask.

Please wash before first use.

Please be sure to read up on mask hygiene to keep yourself as safe as possible while using a mask.

These masks do not have a filter pocket but can be made with one for a small additional cost on request.

Please take care not to repeatedly fold the nose wire or, like all metal, it will eventually break. If you would like to fold your mask for storage, it is best to fold it in half from top to bottom, not the sides. If you wish to fold it from the sides dont pinch the nose wire together tightly. 

With regards to fit, I have tested my sizing on a range of people, and compared it to other available masks but as face sizes and shapes vary, unfortunately I can't 100% say the mask you choose will fit you perfectly. Due to hygiene reasons I am unable to accept returns on masks for any reason. In the event that you dont like the fit of your mask, please do let me know as feedback is invaluable and please give it a wash and consider passing it on to another member of your household etc if they are comfortable with that.

This mask is not intended as a medical device or medical product, and we make no claim, either express or implied, that this mask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. This mask is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This mask will help where social distancing is not necessarily possible and where local laws require them to be worn.

Returns: Strictly no returns on face masks for any reason due to hygiene reasons.

Print placement may vary.

Elastic colour and style may vary from that pictured depending on availability.

Mask pictured on model is for display purposes only.

*It sounds super weird but it is important to take this measurement with your mouth open as the measurements of the mask factor in the extra room needed to enable you to speak normally while wearing it. Alternatively, you can keep your mouth closed and measure from the top of the bridge of your nose, over your nose to the point of your chin and add approximately 7cm to get your measurement but this is not quite as accurate.